Restaurant and bar

In the Nowy Świat Restaurant, you will be able to savour international dishes, as well as those originating from Poland. It is a place where family-owned recipes meet global culinary trends, and the Head Chef’s experience and passion make the menu unique. The very basis of the dishes created here are fresh, natural products, as well as the knowledge and experience possessed by the team of chefs. Cooperation with local suppliers of meat, dairy products, eggs, and vegetables, as well as our own production – all of it bear fruit in an excellent taste of served dishes.

We would like to invite you to taste traditional Polish cuisine in an innovative edition. The Lobby&Bar is a cosy corner of the Falenty Business and Leisure facility. Perfect for relaxing and resting in the warmth of climatic fireplaces. It works great for both a business-related meeting and an evening drink. Either friendly and professional service, a menu of salads, kinds of pasta, or sandwiches, the best varieties of coffee, as well as an impressive range of spirits from around the world will add charm to moments spent in Falenty Business and Leisure. Opening hours: 12:00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m.

Nowy Świat” Restaurant – business lunches, parties, and occasional events

We cordially invite you to pay a visit to our “Nowy Świat” Restaurant; a tastefully decorated, serving gourmet cuisine place. You will find herein exceptional flavours which your taste buds will fall in love with. Our Head Chef makes every effort to ensure that the dishes served are prepared with the utmost care. If you are an enthusiast of traditional Polish cuisine, you will find, with no doubt, something perfectly fulfilling your food-related expectations. Admirers of culinary experiments will also be pleased. The Nowy Świat Restaurant combines both classic and modern trends. So get acquainted with well-known dishes in a completely unknown setting!

Restaurant of the Falenty conference hotel and Lobby&Bar to get relaxed after the conference

The Nowy Świat Restaurant is a perfect space for a business lunch during whether a conference or training course break. After a success-bearing company meeting, we also invite you to have delicious dinners. Pay a visit the atmospheric Lobby&Bar, where we serve sophisticated drinks based on alcohols from around the world. The cosy, calm atmosphere and unique design of this place will surely appeal to all guests. Taste our wines or drinks, have a seat on comfortable couches and unwind over a nice conversation and the sounds of soothing music. Does it not sound like the perfect end to every corporate conference?


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