11 October 2019

Team-building matters!

Team building ma znaczenie!

A well-tuned team is a key to success, about which, sooner or later, every company finds out. In order to build up an effective group of employees, companies are increasingly willing to organise integration events. They take various forms – from company picnics to several days long trips. Before deciding on the nature of the event, it is worth considering what goal we want to achieve. Regardless of whether you want to host an integration event in Warsaw or elsewhere, you shall read about the benefits of such meetings.

Team integration

Company meetings constitute an excellent opportunity to get to know new employees, as well as to introduce them to the permanent staff. A team of which members also know one another in a friendly ground is definitely more open to creative suggestions and challenges. To make everyday work more efficient, it is also worth ensuring integration between employees at various levels of the inner hierarchy. An integration event favours loose talks with superiors; thus, it becomes easier to establish a friendly atmosphere and cooperation.

Communication and atmosphere

An unofficial meeting after working hours is deemed a good opportunity to improve the quality of horizontal and vertical communication. Moreover, it is an opportunity to resolve conflicts and suggest solutions to overcome urgent team problems. Participation in games of motion or those requiring maximum focus helps to relieve stress, as well as tense atmosphere. A number of studies indicate that the atmosphere at work is one of the most vital factors determining the attractiveness of work in a given company, so it is worth cherishing it.

Team roles

Adequately selected team gameplays allow you to look into what natural roles the employees take. The group faced with the need to solve a specific task will have to demonstrate either creativity, cooperative skills, and efficient organisation. A skilled observer will certainly notice who reflexively has taken over the role of leader, who the originator, and who the meticulous performer. As an employer, you will find out about the strengths and weaknesses, as well as predispositions of employees. You will definitely be able to increase your team’s efficiency, provided you take the right steps.

Increased loyalty towards a team and company

Employees’ involvement in performed tasks is an extremely important factor. The stronger the sense of affiliation to a team and company, the higher the sense of duty and satisfaction with a work performed is. It, in turn, contributes to an increase in employee’s productivity. Company events in Warsaw and other locations help to build up a positive image of the company and employers. As a result, the company will be perceived more attractive, and employees more loyal, which will contribute to maintaining long-term cooperation.

A properly organised integration event undeniably constitutes an investment that will come down with huge benefits over time. If the advantages presented above convince you to take care of your team’s relationships and you are looking for a proven hotel for a company event near Warsaw, be sure to check out the Falenty Business and Leisure offer.