Conference hotel – learn the benefits!

The organisation of conferences, symposium, or training courses requires choosing the right space. Nowadays, the market offers a wide range of places where you can host all kinds of business and scientific events. Nevertheless, not every facility is suitable to organise a particular event. A conference-type hotel represents one of universal places where you can prepare virtually any type of event. Why? That is what you will find out from today’s article.

Are you planning a training course, conference, company banquet, or family meeting?

A professional conference venue takes into account both the needs of hosts and participants. Conference-type hotels in perfect manner combine both these aspects. They allow, after all, to prepare meetings of any kind, and provide guests with additional services and attractions, thanks to which participation in the event becomes a pure pleasure.

Everything at the spot

The main advantage of the conference-type hotel is its extensive catering and accommodation facility. If one chooses this type of a place for organising an event, not only can it count on making a professional conference room available, but also on the possibility of accommodating guests in rooms, as well as on preparing an excellent culinary setting, which will include both coffee breaks, as well as lunches and dinners.
If we are planning to organise a several-day meeting, a conference-type hotel of an appropriate standard will be bull’s-eye. It is worth choosing a place that offers sufficient accommodation facility. For illustrative purposes, Falenty Business and Leisure offers as many as 204 beds in comfortably appointed rooms. Furthermore, a guarded parking lot for 200 cars is at the guests’ disposal. Undoubtedly, it constitutes an amenity when organising major conferences near Warsaw.

Differentiated conference rooms

Another advantage of the conference-type hotel to point out is the wide range of training rooms of various sizes. Places of these type often offer a dozen-or-so conference-oriented interiors; from truly lavish spaces for several hundred people to cosy rooms ideal for meetings in a small group. In the Falenty conference hotel, you will find as many as 15 professional rooms, splendidly-equipped and arranged so that their interiors foster an atmosphere of work and creativity. Such a large number of rooms of various sizes means that you can, successfully, host an event combining various workshops, lectures, training courses, or seminars.

Additional attractions

By organizing a conference at the hotel, you can also count on additional attractions, which is hard to find in other training facilities. A perfect example to prove this point is the Falenty conference-type hotel, which provides not only well-equipped training rooms, comfortable rooms, catering services, and access to a guarded parking lot, but also a number of additional services so guests will have the opportunity to relax after a day’s work.  The unique pool complex awaits participants, where they will find not only a swimming pool, but also both a dry and steam sauna, and a jacuzzi. A perfect place to get relaxed and release stress.

Those who decide to pay a visit to Falenty can also find two atmospheric bars within the facility, where guests will be able to relax over a colourful cocktail and discuss conference events. It is also a fantastic place to establish new business contacts in a casual way.
Participants are also welcome to the integration space by the fireplaces and to have a game of billiard together. The Falenty Centre also specialises in hosting integration events or company banquets, which will be the perfect culmination of any conference. Our offer features with an elegant banquet hall which may seat up to 400 people, and on summer evenings we welcome you to the garden, where we can successfully organise an event for up to 500 guests. It is also possible to throw a Hawaiian-themed party by the hotel pool.

As you can see, the organisation of business events in a conference-type hotel is busted with plenty of advantages and allows for comprehensive preparation of an event, through providing accommodation for participants, catering, and entertainment. Such opportunities are challenging to find in other training facilities. So if you are up to organise a comprehensive event, a conference-type hotel will be a perfect place to do so.

Organisation of a wedding reception in a hotel – why is it worth it?

Choosing a wedding hall constitutes one of the most vital decisions when organising your dream wedding. The multitude of these types of facilities is not helpful in making the best choice. If you are also the ones, who keep wondering where to host your wedding, be sure to read today’s article of ours. We present the advantages of organising this special event in a hotel.

Hosting their wedding reception in the hotel becomes increasingly popular among future brides and grooms. It is a very practical solution. These types of facilities provide comprehensive services owing to which everything is available on site. In particular, couples who are to invite guests from different parts of Poland and even from abroad should ponder over choosing a wedding hotel. A hotel, after all, provides comfortable accommodation services for a considerable number of participants. It is, nonetheless, not the sole reason that supports the organisation of a wedding reception in a hotel. Discover them all.

Comprehensive services

When choosing a hotel for a wedding, we may count on comprehensive services. Not only do we rent the wedding hall itself, but we can also count on its decoration; neither do you have to worry about tables and chairs. We will also be presented with a rich gastronomic offer, and guests will be able to benefit from the Wellness or SPA offer, provided such is located within a facility.

By organising a wedding reception at a hotel, we will also be offered with a bridal suite, and parents of the bride and groom can also count on attractive accommodation prices.

Exceptional gastronomic setting

Higher standard hotels usually have their own restaurant, and a professional head chef therein who will conjure up a unique wedding menu. The multiplicity and variety of dishes may be successfully adapted to both your financial capabilities and individual needs. Wedding menu could be limited to two or three hot meals and a cake, but you can also splurge by offering guests various types of hot and cold buffets, e.g., a countryside table, a chocolate fountain, a sushi-filled table, and many more. The choice of culinary additions depends on the organisers’ preferences. Besides, the hotel catering facilities also comprise all hot and cold soft drinks.

Service at the highest level

By deciding to organise a wedding reception at a hotel, we can count on professional service. Most often, brides and grooms are provided with the support of a professional wedding organizer, who completely and utterly deals with the preparation of a given venture. Thanks to this, newlyweds can be sure that everything will be organised as they ever dreamed and they do not have to worry about anything.

A hotel-appointed wedding planner also often has a list of recommended photographers, music bands, or DJs who will be gladly suggested.

It is also worth remembering that wedding reception in a hotel guarantees professional service during the party. We can take for granted that experienced clients will serve us, and the facility will ensure the perfect course of the event. After it ends, we do not have to worry about cleaning up.

Wedding at the spot

Numerous hotels also offer an opportunity to organise an outdoor wedding. At the Falenty Hotel, we have a green patio specially dedicated to such an event, where you can conduct an unforgettable wedding ceremony. After that, guests can go head to the wedding hall. More and more couples are choosing this practical solution.

If you are interested in hosting a wedding reception near Warsaw in a modern and stylish hotel, you shall contact the Falenty Centre. The facility of ours offers comprehensive organisation of each party, by adapting the offer to the expectations of brides and grooms.