Enjoyable vacation in Falenty Business and Leisure

Is the long-awaited vacation coming up? Or maybe you are planning a romantic getaway with a beloved one? A few-days-stay in the comfortable hotel in Raszyn is a proposal for you! You can explore Warsaw and take advantage of the attractions offered by the City, as well as enjoy the closeness of nature. The hotel recreation zone will provide you with relax and unwind. See for yourself that it is worth getting relaxed in the hotel with a swimming pool near Warsaw in Falenty!

We are exploring the capital

Undeniably, Warsaw is a city abundant in monuments, statues, charming parks, and interesting spots which are highly popular among both locals and tourists. You shall start exploring the capital from a walk through the atmospheric alleys of the Old Town. The unique architecture and climate will undoubtedly enchant you. Subsequently, you shall head towards the renowned Krakowskie Przedmieście Street to see the Mickiewicz Square and the Presidential Palace. Without the need to leave the city centre, you will be able to breathe in the beautiful Saxon Garden. You must not miss the Royal Baths and Wilanowski Palace with the palace-and-park complex, that is for sure.

Remember that in Warsaw you will also find plenty of interesting museum-related offers. And if you travel with children or, together with a beloved one you are interested in the world of science, be sure to pay a visit to the Copernicus Science Centre. In the capital city, you will also find lots of great venues where fun lasts until dawn. Depending on your mood, you get to choose a stylish cafe, entertainment pub, or karaoke place.

Raszyńskie Ponds Reserve

Raszyn is a genuine treat for nature lovers. A walk around the Staw Raszyńskie Reserve will be an excellent stepping stone from the hustle and bustle, thanks to which you will take a rest and gain strength before returning from vacation. The Reserve is famous for its vibrant ecosystem for marsh birds and waterfowl. There are about 100 species of marsh birds within its area. In addition, from late autumn to spring, breeding grounds are visited by many species entered in the Polish Red Book of Endangered Vertebrates, which is a unique attraction; especially for those interested in ornithology. Relaxing in the fresh air and the opportunity to commune with nature constitutes a great opportunity to calm down your frayed nerves, as well as an interesting way to spend time with children.

Rest in the hotel with a swimming pool near Warsaw

Although the capital city has a lot to offer, it can be slightly overwhelming, which is why the hotel with a swimming pool in Raszyn is a perfect solution. After spending a full day sightseeing, you shall take advantage of accommodation in Raszyn, a town located 15 km from the heart of Warsaw. In the hotel, you may find the spot for a barbecue and a bonfire, where you will spend a nice time with your loved ones. The Falenty Hotel Training-and-Conference Centre also offers the opportunity to take a rest in the relaxation zone. Through swimming in the pool, using the jacuzzi or sauna, you will certainly put your body in a pleasant state and clear your mind. By staying in the hotel with a swimming pool near Warsaw, you will take a rest in comfortable conditions, simultaneously having, at your fingertips, attractions offered by the capital city.


Team-building matters!

A well-tuned team is a key to success, about which, sooner or later, every company finds out. In order to build up an effective group of employees, companies are increasingly willing to organise integration events. They take various forms – from company picnics to several days long trips. Before deciding on the nature of the event, it is worth considering what goal we want to achieve. Regardless of whether you want to host an integration event in Warsaw or elsewhere, you shall read about the benefits of such meetings.

Team integration

Company meetings constitute an excellent opportunity to get to know new employees, as well as to introduce them to the permanent staff. A team of which members also know one another in a friendly ground is definitely more open to creative suggestions and challenges. To make everyday work more efficient, it is also worth ensuring integration between employees at various levels of the inner hierarchy. An integration event favours loose talks with superiors; thus, it becomes easier to establish a friendly atmosphere and cooperation.

Communication and atmosphere

An unofficial meeting after working hours is deemed a good opportunity to improve the quality of horizontal and vertical communication. Moreover, it is an opportunity to resolve conflicts and suggest solutions to overcome urgent team problems. Participation in games of motion or those requiring maximum focus helps to relieve stress, as well as tense atmosphere. A number of studies indicate that the atmosphere at work is one of the most vital factors determining the attractiveness of work in a given company, so it is worth cherishing it.

Team roles

Adequately selected team gameplays allow you to look into what natural roles the employees take. The group faced with the need to solve a specific task will have to demonstrate either creativity, cooperative skills, and efficient organisation. A skilled observer will certainly notice who reflexively has taken over the role of leader, who the originator, and who the meticulous performer. As an employer, you will find out about the strengths and weaknesses, as well as predispositions of employees. You will definitely be able to increase your team’s efficiency, provided you take the right steps.

Increased loyalty towards a team and company

Employees’ involvement in performed tasks is an extremely important factor. The stronger the sense of affiliation to a team and company, the higher the sense of duty and satisfaction with a work performed is. It, in turn, contributes to an increase in employee’s productivity. Company events in Warsaw and other locations help to build up a positive image of the company and employers. As a result, the company will be perceived more attractive, and employees more loyal, which will contribute to maintaining long-term cooperation.

A properly organised integration event undeniably constitutes an investment that will come down with huge benefits over time. If the advantages presented above convince you to take care of your team’s relationships and you are looking for a proven hotel for a company event near Warsaw, be sure to check out the Falenty Business and Leisure offer.


Special offers at Falenty Business and Leisure

If a conference near Warsaw, then only in Falenty! We offer everything what business-related guests need. With us, each and every corporate venture must be successful. Get to know, yet today, our attractive special offers and enjoy a company event at the best prices!

Falenty Biznes i Wypoczynek jest znakomicie położne i doskonale skomunikowane z centrum Warszawy. Od serca stolicy dzieli nas jedynie 15 km, a od lotniska F. Chopina 10. Jesteśmy więc idealnym miejscem na organizację szkoleń i konferencji w pobliżu Warszawy, ale z dala od zgiełku wielkiego miasta. Pobyt w hotelu uprzyjemnia wspaniałe otoczenie rezerwatu przyrody Stawy Raszyńskie, które zapewnia ośrodkowi atmosferę relaksu i skupienia.

Na co możecie liczyć, wybierając Falenty Warszawa Raszyn?

Przede wszystkim na komfortowe i elegancko zaaranżowane pokoje. Ponadto oferujemy wyśmienitą kuchnię, pyszne śniadania oraz obiady i kolacje w hotelowej restauracji.

Dla gości biznesowych przygotowaliśmy aż 15 nowocześnie wyposażonych sal konferencyjnych, w których z powodzeniem można zorganizować zarówno kameralne spotkanie firmowe, jak i wydarzenie nawet na kilkaset osób.

Centrum Falenty pod Warszawą to również znakomita przestrzeń do organizacji prywatnych eventów, takich jak wesela, rodzinne przyjęcia, komunie i inne jubileusze. Profesjonalny zespół jest w stanie przygotować dla Was każdego rodzaju uroczystość, dbając o jej najdrobniejszy szczegół.

Falenty Business and Leisure is ideally located and well connected with the centre of Warsaw. We are only 15 km from the heart of the capital, and 10 from the Chopin Airport. We are, therefore, a perfect place to organise training courses and conferences near Warsaw, but away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. A stay at the hotel is made more pleasant thanks to the beautiful surroundings of the Stawy Raszyńskie Nature Reserve, which provides the resort with an atmosphere of relaxation and concentration.

What may you count on when choosing Falenty Warsaw Raszyn?

First of all, comfortable and elegantly arranged rooms. Furthermore, we offer exquisite cuisine, delicious breakfasts, as well as lunches and dinners in the hotel restaurant.

For business-related guests, we have prepared as many as 15 modernly featured conference rooms, in where you may successfully host both a minor company meeting, as well as an event for up to several hundred people.

The Falenty Centre near Warsaw is also a great space to organise private events, such as weddings, family parties, First Holy Communion parties, and other anniversaries. A professional team is capable of preparing, for you, any type of a celebratory event, with a thorough eye on a tiny detail.

The offer of the Falenty Hotel is crowned with an attractive relaxation zone, where there is a swimming pool, a dry and steam sauna, and a jacuzzi. In here you can relax and forget about everyday life concerns. Our guests are also warmly invited to have an evening drink in one of the three hotel bars. The wide range of drinks means that everyone will find something tailored for themselves.

Hot Deal for resolute guests

If you are interested in the Falenty offer, you shall get to know our unique promotions. We have attractive discounts for those guests who have decided to arrive. The condition to benefit from the lower price is imposed by 100% prepayment and non-refundable booking on the facility’s website.

As part of the Hot Deal offer, you will receive either comfortable accommodation in stylishly decorated rooms, free parking slot and Wi-Fi access. You will also take advantage of the relaxing Wellness area.

Night’s rest and breakfast

Are you interested in the night’s rest and breakfast at the best price near Warsaw? You shall bet on the attractive Falenty offer. By booking your stay on the facility’s website, you shall get a guaranteed stay. You do not have to pay earlier on! The price includes accommodation, breakfast, parking, Internet, as well as unlimited use of the swimming pool, jacuzzi, and saunas.

Stay longer, pay less

If you already know that you wish to visit the Falenty Hotel for a longer period (minimum 2 nights), you shall take advantage of the attractive offer that provides exceptional discounts for the night’s rest and breakfast. To benefit from the promotion, you must make a non-refundable booking and pay for your stay in advance.

Those guests who stay with us for a longer shall receive a night’s rest and breakfast, as well as access to either Wi-Fi, parking slot, and a pool and sauna area in the price of the stay.

Bet on comfort, relaxation, attractive prices and choose, yet today, a unique stay in Falenty near Warsaw. Business-related guests, families with children, couples, singles, and groups of friends are welcome. Everyone will either have a great time, get relaxed and unwind at ours. Do not keep waiting, treat yourself with comfortable moments in Falenty now!